AR Function

With the click of a button you can use your iOS or Android device to view and explore every angle of an artwork in your own environment.
To access the AR version of your chosen print, just head to the individual product and scroll down to the 3D viewer. 
Tap the AR button in the right corner, and your device will transform into Augmented Reality (AR) mode
… it will then ask you to move the screen around so that the camera can capture the specific wall on which you’re looking to place your new piece of art.
Make sure there is enough light in the room for the camera to see all the details on the wall so that it can ensure the print is sized accurately to your space.
Once your device has got a clear view of the room, you’ll find your chosen print placed on the floor and/or onto the wall in front of you. It can then be dragged around, stretched, “pinched” smaller, and rotated at will – all with a simple finger gestures on the screen.
You may get prompts along the way to help – if the camera needs more
information (especially at the top and bottom of the wall, and into the corners):
Tips & Tricks

  • Use multi-gestures to position the artwork around your room. You can use one finger to bring it closer, or further away, two fingers to rotate and spin the object, and two fingers to also sliding up/down or left/right to move it around your wall. It is worth mentioning that Apples technology is more reliable than it is on Android devices.

  • When launching AR on an Android and iOS devices, the artwork may be forced to ground / floor. If so, you will then need to use a single finger to slide onto the wall.

  • In order for your artwork to successfully place into your scene, the area must be well lit – low light levels can result in an inaccurate experience.